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XL Recordings (XLT 21)
XL Recordings (XLT 21)

Release date: Aug 12, 1991, UK

Basically the single that began it all for The Prodigy. Charly primly didn't have the wanted effect that Liam Howlett would have liked. Hence the whole "Did Charly kill rave?" It's a playful Breakbeat song that straddled a bizarre line between rave music and jungle. Today we probably would call this song a Tis Tok novelty nowadays had this come out now with the same reception. The truth is however it is in fact the opposite of a novelty. Charly may not have been cutting edge but it was nearing the edge. What comes down harder are the lesser known accompanying tracks. Pandemonium is a much more aggressive Breakbeat song that sounds almost like it could have appeared later on a record like Fat Of The Land or Music For The Jilted Generation had it been given a heavier treatment of production. Your Love may be somewhat familiar because it also appears on The Prodigy debut as a different variation. This cut falls closer into the realm of Acid House with Drum And Bass rhythmic timing. Hardcore rave sounds, house piano, and vocal samples that have the 90s scribbled all over it. Lastly is the Alley Cat Mix of Charly. Starting off with a Trip-Hop like drum sample popularized on many many 90s dance songs. Sounding a bit more laid back it's still very energetic. However my one big critique lingers on this (same with the original). That horribly stupid sample (not the Charly one) that obnoxious high voice that says something that sounds like gibberish. "We're all..." something something. It can't be mixed into the track in any attractive way at all. I should also mention there is also a pretty unneeded brief key change in this version as well.
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